Nogae Shuhei (野替愁平), better known by the stage name SWAY, is a Japanese rapper, actor and producer managed by LDH JAPAN and signed to LDH Records and Def Jam Recordings. He is a member of the groups DOBERMAN INFINITY, HONEST BOYZ®, of the acting team Gekidan EXILE and also a soloist.


Nogae got interested in the Hip-hop culture and dance when he was age 16, with influences of Jay Z and Will Smith. After that, he started to participate of the hip-hop crew WILD STYLE in his home place Hokkaido. In 2006, he went to Canada to study and returned in March 2008.

On June 2012, he released a studio album The S. In August of the same year he made his acting debut on the drama Attaku No.1. In September, he joined LDH, as part of Gekidan EXILE. Since then, he started to work in parallel between music and acting as SWAY and Nogae Shuhei respectively.

On June 24, 2014, he joined the group DOBERMAN INFINITY.[1]

On April 15, 2016, he joined the hip-hop unit HONEST BOYZ®.

On September 16, 2017, he announced his solo major debut single "MANZANA", released on November 1 under UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN's sub-label Def Jam Recordings.

On December 12, 2018, he announced that his acting activities, which was previously credited under his real name, will from now be credited under his stage name SWAY.[2]

On August 2, 2020, it was reported that SWAY was infected with COVID-19. He confirmed a fever on the morning of July 30 and was examined on the following day, on July 31, and was refraining from his activities, but only found out he was indeed infected on August 2. He expressed that he's currently not feeling any symptoms but he's carefully following the instructions of the public health center and experts for a healthy recovery. Due to this, the events he was scheduled to appear with Gekidan EXILE and DOBERMAN INFINITY with the opening week of LDH's new video platform CL were postponed.[3][4] On August 17, he announced on his social media accounts that he had recovered and resumed his activities.


Studio Albums

  1. [2018.08.29] UNCHAINED


  • [2014.06.11] LIGHTS (SWAY × HIYADAM)
  1. [2017.11.01] MANZANA

Digital Singles

  1. [2018.07.18] Perfect Love
  2. [2019.02.14] Chocolate
  3. [2019.10.02] ON FIRE
  4. [2019.12.18] Angels
  5. [2020.10.07] TALK

Pre-released Digital Singles

  1. [2018.08.22] Never Say Goodbye



Online Concerts





For the list of songs SWAY is credited as lyricist or/and composer in DOBERMAN INFINITY, his own songs and for the artists featured in this wiki, see the Category:Songs written by SWAY and Category:Songs composed by SWAY.
  • Shimotaku
    • Rock The Party feat. SWAY, Staxx T(CREAM), APOLLO, Kotobuki-kun, KIRA
Music Video Appearances


  • He has a friendship with EXILE and EXILE THE SECOND's member SHOKICHI since the teenage years. SHOKICHI was also the one who introduced SWAY to LDH.[5]
  • His stage name came from while looking the English-Japanese dictionary, he fell in love at first sight by looking at the word "Sway", and he attached it from the fact that his first name "Shuhei" resembles the sound. The meaning of his stage name Sway is as S (Shuhei) and WAY (my way).
  • A Sapporo Visual Arts graduate.


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