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SHOKICHI is a member of EXILE.
SHOKICHI is a solo artist.
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Yagi Shokichi (八木将吉), better known by his stage names SHOKICHI, EXILE SHOKICHI and SHO HENDRIX, is a Japanese singer-songwriter, composer, performer and producer. He is a member of EXILE and EXILE THE SECOND. He was also member of J Soul Brothers' second generation Nidaime J Soul Brothers until their migration to EXILE in 2009.

He is also the founder and president of the record label KOMA DOGG, and a creative officer of LDH JAPAN.

Yagi made his debut as a soloist under the stage name EXILE SHOKICHI with the single "BACK TO THE FUTURE" in June 2014. As of July 2023, he is promoting under the pseudonym SHO HENDRIX as a soloist.

Early Life[]

Yagi Shokichi was born on October 3, 1985 in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan.[1] He has a younger brother.


On July 2006, he participated on the EXILE VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 2006 ~ASIAN DREAM~, however he failed. After that, he also failed at COLOR audition. Then, he decided to attended the EXPG dance academy, which finally lead him to join Nidaime J Soul Brothers.


Yagien Ballpark logo

"Yagien Ballpark" logo

On December 26, it was announced that "Yagien Ballpark", a restaurant produced by EXILE SHOKICHI, would open in the new stadium of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters "ES CON Field HOKKAIDO" in the Hokkaido Ball Park F Village in March 2023. In the announcement, it was revealed that UHB Hokkaido Bunka Hoso Inc. (Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting) and LDH JAPAN had established a limited liability partnership "North Culture 8" between the two companies. They would jointly develop the business including the opening of restaurants produced by EXILE SHOKICHI and events. The restaurant's logo and employee uniform designs would be produced with EXILE NAOTO. "Yagien Ballpark" would be a real storefront based on the motif of "Yagien" (八木園), a name SHOKICHI had given to the dinner parties hosted by himself as a chef at his home (an invitation-only restaurant with a limit of six seats), and SHOKICHI also designed the storefront and created the menu. The menu would mainly consist of yakiniku bento boxes made with SHOKICHI's own original Hokkaido wagyu beef "Hachimasagyu" (八将牛), being the restaurant's specialty, as well as original alcoholic beverages. SHOKICHI also revealed that the staff working at the store would mainly be students of EXPG Sapporo, and that he hoped to make a lot of appearances at the store.[2][3][4][5][6]


On July 14, with the release of the digital single "Kusabana to Kazan no Monogatari", SHOKICHI announced that he would be promoting as a soloist under the pseudonym SHO HENDRIX for the time being. He had decided to release his solo music under a different stage name out of curiosity, hoping that people would listen to his music without any preconceptions. He ultimately chose the name "SHO HENDRIX" with global outreach in mind, since people in other countries (especially America) often couldn't remember neither his first name nor his last name, so he always went by the nickname "SHO". As for "HENDRIX", he once happened to go to a bar in another country called "HENDRIX BAR", which he thought was a cool name, thus incorporating it into his stage name. Additionally, he had decided to change his sound after the COVID-19 pandemic to something more "relaxed" instead of his previous "flashy" music (music that could be heard rather than music that could be danced to), to have a large repertoire of songs. Lastly, he revealed that he was also preparing a new album with local musicians in Los Angeles, California.[7][8]

On October 13, he released his second digital single under the stage name SHO HENDRIX titled "Balloon in the sky".[9] Starting with this release, special music cards of his digital singles released in October and November were sold together with an original wine inspired by each song.[10][11]

On October 27, he released his third digital single under the stage name SHO HENDRIX titled "Emishinokuni".[12][13]

On November 4, it was announced that SHOKICHI had been appointed as a Creative Officer of LDH JAPAN, a role responsible for creating and transmitting the entertainment of LDH.[14]

On November 10, he released his fourth digital single under the stage name SHO HENDRIX titled "ROSE".

On November 15, SHOKICHI released his first digital album titled DOZEN ROSES under the stage name SHO HENDRIX.


On March 13, a physical version of his digital album DOZEN ROSES was released.

Personal Life[]


His younger brother is GEKIDAN EXILE member Yagi Masayasu.


Studio Albums
  1. [2016.04.27] THE FUTURE
  2. [2019.05.15] 1114
  3. [2024.03.13] DOZEN ROSES
Digital Albums
  1. [2023.11.15] DOZEN ROSES (as SHO HENDRIX)

  1. [2014.06.14] BACK TO THE FUTURE
  2. [2014.10.22] The One
  3. [2015.07.22] Don't Stop the Music
  4. [2015.10.28] IGNITION
  5. [2018.05.23] Underdog
  6. [2018.10.03] Futen Boyz
Digital Singles
  1. [2017.10.20] BACK 2U
  2. [2019.03.14] Kimi ni Au Tame ni Boku wa Umarete Kitanda
  3. [2019.04.17] Psychedelic Romance
  4. [2023.07.14] Kusabana to Kazan no Monogatari (as SHO HENDRIX)
  5. [2023.10.13] Balloon in the sky (as SHO HENDRIX)
  6. [2023.10.27] Emishinokuni (as SHO HENDRIX)
  7. [2023.11.10] ROSE (as SHO HENDRIX)
Pre-release Digital Singles
  1. [2019.05.08] Maboroshi
Split Singles
  1. [2020.10.07] KING&KING (EXILE SHOKICHI×CrazyBoy)

Video Releases

Compilations / Other


  1. [2019.06.29-2019.09.15] EXILE SHOKICHI LIVE TOUR 2019 "UNDERDOGG"
  2. [2023.12.02-2023.12.27] EXILE SHOKICHI LIVE TOUR 2023 "BRAIN"
Concerts Featured In
  • [2024.02.03] TAK-Z ONEMAN LIVE ~Part 2 Fes~ (TAK-Z ONEMAN LIVE ~パーツーフェス~)



For the songs he wrote/produced for the artists featured in this wiki, including for his own solo career, see Category:Songs written by SHOKICHI and Category:Songs composed by SHOKICHI
Solo Songs
Music Video Appearances


  • [2019] FIGHTERS THE MOVIE ~Challenge with Dream~
  • [2012] Sugarless
  • [2013] Frenemy ~Rumble of the Rat~




  1. [2018.12.15] BYAKUYA


  • [2024] EXILE SHOKICHI to Manabu! Watashi-tachi no Zero Carbon (EXILE SHOKICHIと学ぶ!わたしたちのゼロカーボン)[1]


  • Described as a studious person who never stops until he reaches the essence of what he does.[15]
  • A multi-instrumentalist.
    • Would like to show comprehensive musical entertainment, including instruments, in live performances.[16]
  • In charge of music production for EXILE THE SECOND, and even directs their band's arrangement, playing style, and phrasing for live performances.[17]
    • According to himself, when he writes lyrics or melodies, he always imagines the members' facial expressions or dancing while writing, which may change the way he chooses words.[18]
  • According to himself, becoming a producer (for NEO EXILE) made him create songs much faster, increased the proportion of time he spends composing songs in his life tremendously, made him very pushy about deadlines, and let him grow by studying music more and approaching music more theoretically.[18]
  • Worked a part-time job at a yakiniku restaurant at the age of 18.[6]
  • According to himself, "SHO HENDRIX" is a project to express "EXILE SHOKICHI"'s sorrow and despair.[11]
  • A huge fan of musician hide.
    • He calls hide his "first and eternal star": "[...] I have always admired him and I guess I naturally aspire to be like him. When I read his lyrics as a child, I was shocked and thought, 'What a fantasy! It's like a parallel world!'; and I have been listening to his music for a long time, so there is a little bit of "hide-ism" in me. When I self-analyze my lyrics, I think, "This feeling comes from hide."[19]
    • He fell in love with hide when he was in the first year of junior high school. "Hide is an unconventional person. He is rock but pop, and pop but rock. Not only that, he was a person who combined various elements. At that time, I had not heard the word "mixed culture" much, and I was fascinated by his free and flexible style that incorporated a variety of music. Of course, I thought not only the music but also the fashion was cool, and I devoted my youthful interest to hide."[19]
    • hide influenced him to do music on his own: "It was under the influence of hide that I started playing in a band in high school. You might think I was a guitarist in this vein, but I was a vocalist. There was already a guitarist, and I was the best singer in the group, and I myself loved to sing. It was hide that got me interested in rock music and got me hooked on it. Before that, I bought my first CD by another artist, but it wasn't rock music, and I bought it because it was popular at the time. But I was really shocked by hide and fell in love with him. He was the first person I had ever experienced that kind of infatuation with. I think "ROCKET DIVE" was the first hide CD I bought on my own. I remember how excited I was, thinking, 'There is such a cool thing in the world!'."[19]
    • He also became interested in fashion due to hide: "I became interested in street fashion because of hide's fashion of wearing jerseys and vintage clothes. However, I was not conscious of fashion in junior high school, so I was not aware of the greatness of hide's fashion at the time, and I only started reading fashion magazines after I entered high school. Until then, I had my eyes only on rock stars, including hide. I often noticed hide's fashion later, thinking, 'Oh, I didn't realize he wore his clothes this way.'"[19]
    • In 2018, he released a cover of hide's "ROCKET DIVE" as the b-side of his fifth single "Underdog".
    • In 2021, he modeled for a collaborative collection by hide and fashion brand "glamb".[20]
  • Likes neo-soul, and listens to D'Angelo, Erykah Badu and Maxwell.[7]
  • Has known DEEP members KEISEI and YUICHIRO since 2006. They have the same musical background, so they often talked about music.[21]

Honorary Titles[]

Honorary titles
Preceeded by
Youngest Member of EXILE
March 2009 - April 2014
Succeeded by
Sato Taiki
Preceeded by
Youngest Member of EXILE THE SECOND
July 2012 - present
Succeeded by
Preceeded by
Youngest Member of Nidaime J Soul Brothers
January 2007 - March 2009
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