RED DIAMOND DOGS is a Japanese band that debuted in 2016 and is signed to rhythm zone and managed by LDH JAPAN agency.

The band was introduced on EXILE ATSUSHI's concert EXILE ATSUSHI LIVE TOUR 2016 "IT'S SHOW TIME!!" on May 28, 2016.




  1. [2016.07.06] First Liners
  2. [2017.02.15] Stand By Me
  3. [2018.11.28] RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON
  4. [2019.09.04] GOOD VIBES

Digital Singles

  1. [2018.07.11] RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON
  2. [2018.07.11] Memory Rain

Pre-release Digital Singles

  1. [2019.08.09] GOOD VIBES


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