Nagano Yuuji (長野祐仁), better know by his stage name P-CHO, is a Japanese rapper managed by LDH JAPAN and signed to LDH MUSIC. He is a member of the group DOBERMAN INFINITY.

Personal life

On February 12, 2018, he announced his marriage to a non-celebrity woman he had been dating since February 2014. He submitted his marriage registration on the birthday of his mother who succumbed to cancer and a chronic illness during the HiGH&LOW THE LIVE tour in 2016.[1][2] He described his mother's death as an unacceptable reality for him and expressed his desire to fulfill her wish of marrying his girlfriend.[3]

On December 28, 2019, he revealed that his first child, a daughter, had been born healthy and safely in the same month.[4]



As a featured artist

  • [2004.11.25] NORISIAM-X - Brave New World (#11 "Brave New World" (Remix) feat. P-CHO from DOBERMAN INC)
  • [2005.07.20] Sowelu - "Heads or Tails?" (#5 "No Limit" feat. P-CHO from DOBERMAN INC (BLremix))
  • [2006.01.11] YA-KYIM - STILL ONLY ONE (#11 "Happy the globe PART III" feat. NORISIAM-X, P-CHO (DOBERMAN INC), SPHERE of INFLUENCE & RICKIE G)
  • [2008.06.14] BIGGER DICE - Cosmos×Chaos ~Hanka Chouka~ (#7 "Homie" feat. P-CHO, KUBO-C from DOBERMAN INC)


  • The origin of his stage name, P-CHO, was from the union of the letter P (from the song "Platinum CHO") and the word CHO, which was his nickname from elementary school days.


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