Nidaime J Soul Brothers (二代目J Soul Brothers; J Soul Brothers Second Generation), at that time known as simply J Soul Brothers, was a Japanese pop-R&B male dance & vocal unit who was formed in 2007, signed to the Rhythm REPUBLIC label and managed by LDH. It was the second generation of the original J Soul Brothers group.

On March 1, 2009, the group disbanded after the members got transferred to EXILE.



On January 2007, EXILE announced at the beginning of the EXILE LIVE TOUR 2007 EXILE EVOLUTION concert tour that J Soul Brothers would be revived with new members. At the end of the tour, in August, "EXILE Vocal Battle Audition 2006 ~ASIAN DREAM~" finalists NESMITH and SHOKICHI were added as the new vocalists while KENCHI, KEIJI, and TETSUYA were added as the new performers. Both NAOTO and NAOKI were added three months later to group as performers at COLOR LIVE TOUR 2007 BLUE concert tour.

The second generation known as Nidaime J Soul Brothers released a total of four singles under the indies label Rhythm REPUBLIC. The group also released their first self-titled album on February 2009, however, the group was put on hiatus once again when it was announced that all the second generation members would be joining EXILE a week after the album's release.

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Studio Albums

  1. [2009.02.25] J Soul Brothers


  1. [2008.05.07] WE! (indies)
  2. [2008.08.20] FREAKOUT! (indies)
  3. [2008.11.19] Be On Top (indies)
  4. [2009.01.07] My Place (indies)

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