Osayi Jimmy Kazuki (オサイジミー和輝), better known by his stage name JIMMY (ジミー), is a Japanese performer and rapper.

He is a member of the group PSYCHIC FEVER and the performance team from Imaichi Ryuji.


Osayi Jimmy Kazuki was born on February 26, 2000. His father is Nigerian and his mother is Japanese.

In his youth, he started attending EXPG Nagoya.

In 2014, he became part of the trainee group EXILE GENERATIONS.[1]

In December 2017, he was revealed as a member of EXPG Lab's project group Crasher kidz.[2] Prior to this reveal, he participated in the rap division of the VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 5 earlier that year.

On July 4, 2019, he made his first appearance as a member of PSYCHIC FEVER at the BATTLE OF TOKYO ~ENTER THE Jr.EXILE~ live concert at Makuhari Messe. On September 24 in the same year, he was announced as an official member of the group.



Music Video Appearances


Concerts/Tours featured in as a backup dancer


  • He has a close friendship with FANTASTICS' Hori Natsuki and Nakao Shota since their time in EXPG Nagoya. Together, they were called the "EXPG Nagoya Elite Trio".
  • Him and fellow group member WEESA were born on the same day, 4 years apart.


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