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BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE is a Japanese rap, vocal and dance boy group formed and managed by LDH JAPAN and signed to the record label rhythm zone.

BALLISTIK BOYZ is part of the collective supergroups EXILE TRIBE and Jr.EXILE, and composed of 7 members who are all holding microphones while performing, being the first for an EXILE TRIBE group.

The group was formed in 2018 as a collaboration of EXILE HIRO and DOBERMAN INFINITY during the VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 5 and its members were chosen from the VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 5 and PROJECT TARO.

They made their major debut on May 22, 2019, with a self-titled album.




On May 1, a new group named "BALLISTIK BOYZ" was announced on Shuukan EXILE. The group was revealed to be composed of 7 members: Hidaka Ryuta, Kano Yoshiyuki, Kainuma Ryusei, Fukahori Miku, Okuda Rikiya, Matsui Riki and Sunada Masahiro. Fukahori, Okuda and Sunada had previously been members of PROJECT TARO, while Hidaka, Yoshiyuki, Kainuma and Matsui had been finalists of the EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 5 ~Yume wo Motta Wakamono Tachi e~.[1][2]

The group performed as the opening act to FANTASTICS' Musha Shugyo "FANTASTIC 9" events starting from May 12.[3] The group also performed as an opening act at DANCE EARTH PARTY's 3-day festival DANCE EARTH FESTIVAL 2018 ~SPLASH SUMMER~ on July 14, 15 and 16.


On February 26, it was announced that the group would start their Musha Shugyo on March 2 in Tokyo.[4][5]

On March 31, it was announced that the group would be making major debut on May 22 with a self-titled album.[6][7]

On May 22, the day of their major debut, the group joined the EXILE TRIBE and their name was changed to "BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE".[7]

On October 23, the group released their first single "44RAIDERS".

Starting in September, BALLISTIK BOYZ also went on a promotional tour across Asia including Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

At the end of the year, the group received the "Rising Star Award" at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan.[8][9]


On February 12, after performing in different countries across Asia, the group released their second single "ANTI-HERO'S", with the title song and the 3 b-sides of the single being pre-released from January 22 until the day of the single's release.

From February 14 to February 22, BALLISTIK BOYZ held their first hall tour BALLISTIK BOYZ LIVE TOUR 2020 "BBZ". Originally planned to take place until September 26, the tour halted on February 22 and the rest of the tour was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[10]

On August 10, the group released their first digital single "SUMMER HYPE".

On September 20, they held their first (online) live concert LIVE×ONLINE IMAGINATION "BALLISTIK BOYZ".

On September 27, BALLISTIK BOYZ participated in the (online) live concert LIVE×ONLINE IMAGINATION PREMIUM LIVE EXILE TRAIN to celebrate EXILE's 19th anniversary.

On October 30, they participated in the Halloween-themed (online) live concert LIVE×ONLINE INFINITY "Trick or Treat!! R.F.B. Halloween Party!!".

On December 23, the group held their second (online) live concert LIVE×ONLINE BEYOND THE BORDER BALLI-X'mas ~Yume no Naka de~.


On February 3, they released their third single "Animal".

From March 21 to September 2, the group embarked on their second live tour BALLISTIK BOYZ PROLOGUE LIVE TOUR 2021 "PASS THE MIC" ~WAY TO THE GLORY~.

On August 4, they released their fourth single "SUM BABY".

On November 24, BALLISTIK BOYZ released their second album PASS THE MIC.

From October 8 to December 5, they held their third live tour BALLISTIK BOYZ LIVE TOUR 2021 "PASS THE MIC" ~WAY TO THE GLORY~.

On December 8, the group released the tribute single "BALLISTIK BOYZ FROM EXILE". The single is the second of the four consecutive tribute singles releases by Jr.EXILE groups to celebrate EXILE's 20th anniversary.[11]


On May 11, it was announced that BALLISTIK BOYZ and PSYCHIC FEVER would be holding a joint Musha Shugyo in Thailand from August 2022 to January 2023 as part of a partnership agreement between LDH JAPAN and the Thai agency HIGH CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT, with Thai rapper F.HERO serving as their general producer during that period.[12][13][14] Additionally, the groups' stay in Thailand would be developed as a reality show titled BALLISTIK BOYZ & PSYCHIC FEVER New School Breakin' THAILAND on the web.[15]

On May 25, the group released their fifth single "Last Dance ni BYE BYE".

From June 3 to July 12, they participated in the joint live tour THE SURVIVAL 2022 ~BALLISTIK BOYZ vs MA55IVE~ × PSYCHIC FEVER.

As their first activity in Thailand, BALLISTIK BOYZ performed at the "NIPPON HAKU BANGKOK 2022" on September 2 and 3.[16][17]

On November 1, the group's official fanclub was opened.[18]

On December 9, they released the digital single "Dramatic wo Nokoshitai". The song was used as the official theme song of the SoftBank Winter Cup 2022 tournament.[19]


On February 1, a global version of the group's official fanclub was opened, with services and access being currently available in Thailand only.[20]

On February 5, BALLISTIK BOYZ and PSYCHIC FEVER concluded their Musha Shugyo in Thailand after the live concert BALLISTIK BOYZ VS PSYCHIC FEVER THE SURVIVAL 2023 THAILAND.

On February 16, the group released the digital single "Drop Dead". The song is a collaboration with the Thai group TRINITY and was released under Thai music label HIGH CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT and rhythm zone.[21]

In early 2023, BALLISTIK BOYZ participated in SKY-HI×NTV's major project D.U.N.K. -DANCE UNIVERSE NEVER KILLED-. As part of the project, they also performed at a 3-day live event titled "D.U.N.K. Showcase" on March 5, 11, and 12.[22][23][24]

From April 21 to June 30, the group held their fourth tour BALLISTIK BOYZ LIVE TOUR 2023 "N.E.X.T.".[25][26][27]

On May 17, it was announced that the group's official global fanclub expanded its availability to the countries South Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan.[28]

On May 31, the group released their sixth single "Ding Ding Dong".

From August 18 to 20, they performed at "JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIA 2023".[29][30]

On August 27, they performed at "Asian Sound Syndicate vol.2" in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On August 29, BALLISTIK BOYZ released the song "All I Ever Wanted" featuring Thai actor GULF KANAWUT as their third digital single. The song later served as the title track of their seventh single overall and second single under High Cloud Entertainment, released on October 4.[31][32][33][34] On the same day as the release of the digital single, the group held their first fan event in Thailand, at CINEMA 8, SF WORLD CINEMA, CENTRAL WORLD.[35][36]

From September 2023 to February 2024, they performed at several events in Thailand besides their activities in Japan: at "NIPPON HAKU BANGKOK 2023" alongside THE RAMPAGE and PSYCHIC FEVER (September 1 to September 3),[37][38] at "OCTOPOP" alongside THE RAMPAGE and PSYCHIC FEVER (October 22),[39][40][41] at "Siam Music Fest 2023" alongside PSYCHIC FEVER (December 16 to 17), at "Muuji Festival 2024" alongside PSYCHIC FEVER (January 27), and at "JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2024" alongside PSYCHIC FEVER (February 3, alongside a "EXCLUSIVE FAN MEETING × JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2024")[42][43]. At "NIPPON HAKU BANGKOK 2023", the group also received the "Thailand - Japan Ambassador 2023" award, for serving as a bridge between Thailand and Japan in 2023.[37]

On October 4, BALLISTIK BOYZ released their seventh single "All I Ever Wanted".

On October 11, the group held the fanclub event BALLISTIK BOYZ FAN CLUB EVENT 2023 in JAPAN Balli Gakuen (Jugyou Sankan) at Zepp Haneda.[44]

On November 17, the group's official global fanclub expanded its availability to the countries Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.[45]

On November 19, they performed at the "13th Jakarta Japan Matsuri (JJM2023)" in Indonesia.[46]

On December 22, the group held the online live event BALLISTIK BOYZ Online Limited Live ~Xmas Party with BALLY'S~.[47]

On December 23, BALLISTIK BOYZ released the song "N.E.X.T." as their fourth digital single. On the same day, it was announced that the group's new song "God Mode" would serve as the theme song of the team "SIGMA SQUAD" from the 2024 TV anime Bucchigiri?!.[48][49][50]


On February 21, they released their third studio album Back & Forth.[51][50]

On March 9 and 10, they performed at "The 9th Japan Vietnam Festival" in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.[52][53]

On March 14, the group's first terrestrial TV show BALLI BALLI! BALLISTIK BOYZ started airing on NTV.[54][55][56][57]

On March 28, the group released the digital single "Meant to be" featuring Thai artists F.HERO and BOOM BOOM CASH.[58]

From April 12 to July 19, the group held their fifth tour BALLISTIK BOYZ LIVE TOUR 2024 "HIGHER EX".[59][60][61][62]

On May 3 and 4, they performed at the live event "BEAT AX Vol.3" alongside THE RAMPAGE and PSYCHIC FEVER.[63][64][65]

On May 22, BALLISTIK BOYZ released their 8th single "HIGHER EX", with its title track being the kickoff song of the BALLISTIK BOYZ LIVE TOUR 2024 "HIGHER EX".[66]

On June 23, they held their first fanmeeting overall as well as first overseas fanmeeting in Taipei titled BALLISTIK BOYZ ~1st FAN MEETING IN TAIPEI~ "Together".[67]

On November 6, they will hold the special concert BALLISTIK BOYZ LIVE 2024 "BBZ EVOLUTION".[68][69]


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Other Albums

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Collaboration Singles
Other Singles



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Online Concerts
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Tours Featured In
Concerts Featured In
  • [2021.09.10] ABEMA×LDH 2021 Special Fan Meeting EXILE TRIBE STATION in YOKOHAMA
  • [2021.12.08] ABEMA×LDH ONLINE X'mas LIVE PARTY
  • [2023.10.11] BALLISTIK BOYZ FAN CLUB EVENT 2023 in JAPAN Balli Gakuen (Jugyou Sankan) (BALLISTIK BOYZ FAN CLUB EVENT 2023 in JAPAN バリ学園 【授業参観】)
  • [2024.06.23] BALLISTIK BOYZ ~1st FAN MEETING IN TAIPEI~ "Together"
Events Featured In
  • [2023.12.25] Gulf Fanclub FANMEETING in JAPAN



TV Shows
Digital Shows
  • [2022-2023] NEW SCHOOL BREAKIN'


  • [2023-2025] 2025 Japan International Expo (Osaka/Kansai Expo) - Special Supporter[70][71]


  • [2019] MTV Video Music Awards Japan - Rising Star Award[8][9]
  • [2022] THAILAND DIGITAL AWARD 2022 - Asia Rising Star AWARD[72]
  • [2023] Thailand - Japan Ambassador 2023[37]


BALLY'S logo

BALLY'S logo

  • The official fandom name of the group is "BALLY'S", which expresses the group's thought of their fans as "BALLY'S = Our's", representing a relationship of strong ties, sharing dreams, and caring for each other. The name was decided on October 11, 2023.[75][76]
    • The BALLY'S logo is a diamond shape to connect with BALLISTIK BOYZ's group logo that is a diamond shape as well.[76]
    • The unofficial fandom name of the group was "BBZ Family". It was used from 2019 to 2023, and also appears in some of the lyrics of the group's songs.[77][76]


  • The group has its own apparel brand titled HYSFORM™ which launched on May 22, 2023, the group's 4th debut anniversary.[78]
    • The members come up with designs for their apparel brand themselves.[79]
  • The group is the first of EXILE TRIBE whose debut release is an album.
  • All members of the group can play instruments and aspire to start activities as a band too. Hidaka Ryuta plays the piano, Kanou Yoshiyuki plays the guitar, Fukahori Miku plays the piano and drums, Okuda Rikiya plays the piano, Matsui Riki plays keyboard and bass and Sunada Masahiro plays the guitar, electric guitar and keyboard. Only Kainuma Ryusei is still deciding on an instrument.[80]
  • One of the strengths of the group is the language skills of the members. Some of them have lived abroad and can speak English, and some speak Portuguese or Chinese.[81]
  • The goal of the group is to be globally active.[82][83]
  • All members can do acrobatics.[84][79]
  • The members are actively involved in the production and creative direction of the group, from the music and dance choreography to the structure of their live performances. They also decide the contents of their SNS and fan club by themselves after discussions with the people at the company.[85][79]
  • According to the members, they enhanced working together with the staff, and creating and communicating with a more systematic approach after their stay in Thailand, not only regarding the production of music, but also common announcements.[87] They also have had more opportunities to communicate with HIRO and other people at the company.[85]

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