Aoyagi Sho - HOME

Aoyagi Sho - HOME

(pronounced four) is the first album of Aoyagi Sho. It was released on July 17, 2019 in two editions: limited CD+DVD and regular CD only.

The album's promotional track, "HOME", was pre-released digitally on June 26.[1]


  • Limited CD+DVD (AICL-3716~3717, ¥5,500)
  • Regular CD Only (AICL-3718, ¥3,000)




  1. HOME
  2. Unknown
  3. Naita Rosario (泣いたロザリオ; Crying Rosario)
  4. Yokubou no Yukue (欲望のゆくえ; Future of Desire)
  5. Tokeidai no Christmas (時計台のクリスマス; Christmas's Clock Tower)
  6. Natsu no Nioi (ナツノニオイ; Summer's Scent)
  7. Sonnan ja nai (そんなんじゃない; That's Not Like That)
  8. tomorrow
  9. Maria -acoustic version-
  10. Snow!
  11. Kimi ni Tsutaetai Koto (君に伝えたいこと; What I Want to Tell You)


  1. Naita Rosario (Music Video)
  2. Naita Rosario (Music Video Making Movie)
  3. Sonnan ja nai (Music Video)
  4. Sonnan ja nai (Music Video Making Movie)
  5. Snow! (Music Video)
  6. Snow! (Music Video Making Movie)
  7. HOME (Music Video)
  8. HOME (Music Video Making Movie)


Aoyagi Sho - IV promo

Aoyagi Sho promoting the album


  • Physical Sales
MonTueWedThuFriSatSunWeek RankSales
x 16 x x x x x 24 2,073
x x x x x x x - x

Total Reported Sales: 2,073*

Billboard Japan

  • Top Albums Sales
Week RankSales[2]
21 2,072

Total Reported Sales: 2,072

  • Other Charts
Charts Peak
Billboard Japan Hot Albums 39[3]


  1. 青柳翔1stアルバム「Ⅳ」が6/26(水)よりiTunesプレオーダー(予約注文)開始!抽選で宛名&直筆サイン入りチェキをプレゼント!
  2. Only the Top 50 gets the sales revealed on the chart.

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