Usami Yoshihiro (宇佐美吉啓), better known by his stage name ÜSA, is a performer under the LDH agency. He's a former performer of the group EXILE and former member of DANCE EARTH PARTY.

ÜSA started his career in 1994 as member of the group BABY NAIL, alongside MATSU and MAKIDAI. In 1996, the group disbanded and in 1998 he joined J Soul Brothers.

In 2008, he created the project DANCE EARTH, which is a dance project performed on stages. In 2013, a musical unit from DANCE EARTH was created, the DANCE EARTH PARTY. On January 1, 2019, the project became an entertainment company being renamed dancearth, with ÜSA serving as CEO.

On December 31, 2015, he (alongside Matsumoto and MAKIDAI) retired from his position as performer of EXILE. On December 4, 2018, he left DANCE EARTH PARTY.



  • [2006-2007] Evolution D
  • [2008] BLACK room

Voice Actor

  • [2008] Examurai

Music Videos

Magazine Series

  • [2013] Sokoto

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